Shaky and lots of heads. Multipass VBR, very high bitrtate too. Very nice looking for a vhs-sourced show. The sound has been dubbed with the audio of the Eurockeennes bootleg. Proshot from the venue cameras.

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The main video is a little shakey. Digital 2 cam mix: From the end of World Wide Suicide Sound quality is great, but video quality isn’t so great at all.

Encores are solely from the Sony TRV22 source, main set is two camera mix. The sound isn’t as good as that found on the broadcast either. Pro-shot; standalone authored with “SA” menu and no true chapters. This is the RFK Stadium outtakes and it looks spectacular.

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Brownstone Guns N Roses cover spun. This is a sweet video with a unique view. With menu and chapters. There is a few seconds but then it cuts to Love, Hate, Love. Lots of smybolism and love throughout the evening between Jack and the crowd. Press ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ to fix this. Matt 16ds joins on drums starting with Lucky Boy. Incomplete and censored MTV2 broadcast, lenght 21min.


The two camera angles consist of one angle of the complete show and about 45 minutes of the other angle. The source material had an unfixable flaw on D1 of the set.

Proshot from the venue cameras. I guess the filmer was either changing tapes or batteries. Some bonus on disc 1. Image is a bit fuzzy and sometimes out of focus but with nice closeups and a great set. Description from the taper, “Audience mini Dv film of the entire show including ‘Diamonds’ with Donovan Frankenreiter I film It personnaly It shakes sometimes ‘coz we were stand up during 2 hours, and there’s maglc some moving people aroud magiv giving little shots, but it’s a good audience shot although Sound is particulary good due to the fact there’s no idd in air festival” – good sound – video is typical, handheld audience shot.

Rather than editing the two angles together, we included both camera angles and give the viewer the option to select either camera angle by the DVD menu or by the? Audience video, might be the only known source of this show.


Excelent quality for a tape. Very steady shot, but extreme closeups are pixelated due to a lens extender and digital zoom. Image quality is ok. This dvd is clean but 16sd is a slight generation loss. Bonus on DVD 2: I cleaned it up and it actually doesn’t sound bad at all. Scorpions’s set from First 5 songs missing.

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Some noise reduction has been performed, but the sound is still poor. Enjoy the ride and when you see the sign of the plant, burn one down. Missing Horsemen and Lightning. Acoustic performance by Thom and Jonny.