The CPU speed increase to MHz should give us a handy increase but the low memory performance will pull the score back. So let’s take a look at the board! This means that any module claiming to be PC or DDR isn’t ‘officially’ supported since the standard doesn’t officially exist yet. C as it promises DDR support. The previous occupier of the case was a Pentium 4 board and with that removed, installation was a cinch. Take a look at the following cropped selection from the Sandra Memory Bandwidth benchmark. C is able to fight against SiS

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Sound is on during the benchmark. It seems that the lack of speed in ALi’s products is offset by a speedy release of its new products: We’ll skip the CPU benchmarks in this review since they don’t show anything of note other than the Iwil working correctly. A shame since it’s one of the selling points of the chipset and board.

Performance at MHz being lower than MHz is something for the IWill guys to look at since I couldn’t make the board perform when overclocked. The board could xxp333 oddly shaped and arrive in a iaill paper bag bound with string as long as the performance was up to scratch.

A nice touch and something we are beginning to see on more and more boards. It’s placed here, next to the power regulator chips, to supposedly fix the low 5V rail problems that afflicted some revision 1.

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The performance at MHz front side bus and memory clock took a massive nose dive underneath even the MHz numbers and on this board and this memory module is entirely reproducable. The results of 53 and 42 seconds are exactly what we were expecting and shows that the CPU runs unhindered on the board.


The floppy connector is horizontally aligned in the bottom right sector of the board and while that’s not a problem for me anymore since I don’t use a floppy drive, it might be annoying for some.

It certainly wasn’t bad performance, just not the huge performance some might lead you to believe. After that it was just a matter of screwing the board to the case mounts and installing memory modules just the one in this case and my add-in cards graphics, audio, SCSI controller, NIC.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: We are so determined in our estimates because it’s enough to count on the press to be indulgent because you are different and alternative! And now the group called “a bit different from usual”. The support is there however. The memory benchmark from Sandra is very interesting however. Write a iwoll below.

The CPU speed increase to MHz should iwikl us a handy increase but the low memory performance will pull the score back.

Here’s the graph, again running from x to x to x As we move down the graph from x at the top through x and x at the bottom, you can see the effect that the overclocking has on the scores.

Quake3 is our first OpenGL benchmark and in this configuration is more a test of CPU and memory performance rather than graphics card power so it’s a valid inclusion. In all other respects the XPR is a typical product from Iwill. The board is of high quality, but we had some problems.


Iwill XP333 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1

This may be the cause for usg little hiccup since the BIOS may not know about the Samsung memory on the module. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The name of the company is not very popular and the company itself is not widely supported by other hardware makers. Well, their boards are good, but budget-minded people would get something iwoll, for example, from SiS. Everybody knows that it is simpler to make a synchronous chipset A possible incompatibility with my PC module perhaps.

Iwill XPR Motherboard Review –

Again the CPU has to work hard to scrape any increase at all at high resolution since iwipl memory bandwidth reduction doesn’t help. The means that the results you will see are from 2 performance points. The demo take a fair amount of time and is also very pretty to look at while you run it. We’ll see proof of that later.

I installed the CPU and heatsink iwll of the case since the sink uses mounting bolts on the motherboard.