Same mother board and works fine for me too. The story so far: Best regards — Iluv2raceit. Saturday, June 4, 7: Second, I did run the test with three drives on the ICH10R and the maximum performance did not change much.

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Intel Core i7 Motherboard: Intel and Indilinx drives tend to be much more neutral on ATTO because they are not compressing the data. Many Thank Angelo, System: RST management software running fine. Installation works fine with all drives connected to the ICH10R, all the drives are there, too and Device Manager shows no errors.

Our experts are sharing their knowledge with you. Had someone told me that I would be able to have six drives capable of delivering over 1.

Supported Intel® Chipsets and Controller Hubs

Sign in to vote. Intel RST version Sunday, May 22, 6: Thanks again for confirming you are also getting bottlenecked by the ICH10R.


ATTO Benchmark ATTO has ifh10r one of my longstanding favorite benchmarks as it usually gives a different view of drive performance than a lot of the other quick benchmarks available.

I updated rxid ICH10R drivers to v Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Subscribe to the Thomas-Krenn newsletter now.

That is an interesting result. Select a free hard disk from the overview. Fourth, the drives were all brand new taken out of the packaging for this article. Upgrade was an unmitigated disaster with 3 days of tweaking settings, uninstalling software and the use of screwdrivers for a SOFTware update!

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Intel ICH10R: 660MB/s SATA Limit Fact or Fiction?

Seriously, who needs upgrades when you have backups?? The story so far: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Same mother contrpller and works fine for me too. So it’s Plan “B”, re-install Win10 from scratch! Almost all large capacity SSDs are faster than their smaller capacity siblings. The 4K Thread scores went up by approximately a factor of four for both reads and writes, yet the sequential reads went up by a factor of three.


A few notes on the test setup. Thomas-Krenn is a synonym for servers made in Germany. I did not do the below in any scientific fashion I just opened two instances of the ATTO benchmark, selected the target drives, and clicked the run buttons as fast as I could.

The first trick is related to. When a hard gaid fails and the rebuild process starts, you will see the failed disk with an exclamation point. We have tested version 9. Regards Please mark the reply ich01r an answer if you find it is helpful.

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