The sheet should be curled the opposite way to flatten it out before it is used. A few things to try to remember when ordering canvas prints. The Hardware Wizard should now install the software onto your computer. Make sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet as well as connected to the printer. Take up any slack in the foils.

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Install the printer driver from the Installation Disc.

Computers & Files

In fact, they carry the entire line of Powis Parker Fastback binding products. Check to make sure the power cord is connected 2. Powis also has an excellent tech support team that can assist with installation issues and compatibility problems. The Foilfast requires work space on the hard disk when it prints. foiofast

Clean the printer head. Click ‘Next’ and the program will search for the new foilfaat. Clear covers should be between 6. Covers that fall outside the bounds of these thickness ranges may work in the Foilfast printer, but Powis Parker does not recommend using them.

Close the front cover, and turn on the power. Osobni alati Prijavi se. A curled sheet will cause sheet jams.

Also please ensure that that the frames they use will be the stretcher bars frames that are the much more experienced framed made use of for stretching your canvas print to achieve a life extended stretch otherwise you are going to threat possessing a loose canvas. Take up any slack in the foils. Make sure nothing is on the output tray as this can cause sheet jams.


The Foilfast printer will only accept Foilfast” premium foil cartridges. The carriage will reset.

Dobavljeno iz ” http: This article is designed to help you troubleshoot some of the most common issues that users face when using the Fastback Foilfast printer.

If you are using a foilfasst selection switching box or printer buffer, use one-way communication.

Powis Parker Foilfast Printer P21x Black Matte Foil Cartridge

After checking the power cord, push the power button to turn on the foilfat. Do you have enough hard disk space? The printer device drivers and FoilFast software will not be loaded onto your computer and you should be ready to customize your documents with foil. Even so, even though it really is accurate having a few variety of postcards, you may get overwhelmed together with the process if you multiply that fiolfast into hundreds as well as thousands. The platen often gets dirty at the same time as the head, so it is recommended to clean the platen after cleaning the head.


Printing is light, distorted, or has gaps 1. Has the packing tape on the case been removed? Keep enough free disk space to ensure that you can print without problems. Make sure that the front cover is closed properly. Stop the printing and reinstall all the cartridges.

Making use of The Fastback P21x Foilfast Printer Printing Properties Window

After replacing the cartridge, printing will continue from where it left off. Troubleshooting Problems With the Powis Parker P21x Fastback Foilfast Printer This article is designed to help you troubleshoot some of the most common issues that users face when using the Fastback Foilfast printer.

The write-up will give you a number of widespread challenges and possible solutions. When very little memory is available for print processing, printing may take a long time or fail. However it is important to remember that all previously installed FoilFast software must be removed before installing new FoilFast software.