Until then I give the broadcom BCM the most change of being cracked as a half-height wifi card. Works on Acer Aspire , after using ticket I would try the Debian drivers and see if this works. Go to Applications-Accessories-Terminal and enter the following lspci ifconfig Please copy the outputs for each command in turn by highlighting the output with the mouse, then press Ctrl-Shift-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste here in a new post. Posted October 20,

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If not, then sudo lshw -C net check and see if you driver is listed as wl.

Compatibility/Atheros – – Trac

Have a Cace Technologies AirPcap? Or am I just speaking non-sence? I’ll hope that they crack Intel or Darwin is busy with thesebecause I have a in my notebook right now and these are half height.

Crash because default kernel limit stack to 4k. Everything was so perfect when I initially lonux Ubuntu, but then i decided to update the kernel like the arrow in my task bar told me to What’s more it seems partially fixed with todays release! I have never managed to get my wireless internet working on my laptop.


My last week at work, he asks about the “updates”, so I said sure might as well get them done while we are working together Posted October 9, I’ll test the card when it’s in and give the results in this topic.

Thanks for the notice, after it’s been official declared as uncompatible I will delete it from the list. Thanks for the help guys! I can confirm that this chipset works great with the madwifi-ng drivers on Debian Testing.

But I understand, Snowleopard is also new for me and that’s why I asked this question in the first place! Got any ideas that i might not have tried?

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Posted October 17, Until then I give the broadcom BCM the most change of being cracked as a half-height wifi card. Thanks but the Atheros AR5BXB6 was already noted, a lot of cards use this chipset so it will be a hell of a work to note them al.


I can confirm that this works out of the box in Ubuntu 8. Kinx, I entered the first command into the terminal and got linuux result Anyhow, use synaptic or apt to update your system, because in hardy wl is only in the later kernels. Then Update Manager killed my wireless with the 2.


Atheros AR5BXB6

Works in 64Studio 2. First of all we need to find out what the wireless chipset is as you will need firmware drivers for the wireless sr5bxb6. I’ve installed both 7. You can install ndisgtk to install the drivers graphically. Posted October 12, You’d only be out one CD, and mins of time spent downloading it. How-to compile madwifi and the patch. Once I get it working I will update this.

Cheap Ativa card works ok in gentoo. Got him all set up with everything he’d need. Download in other formats: I would try the Debian drivers and see if this works.

Works on the Acer Aspire if you reload the modules see http: