It has been speculated that this is because the battery constant value has drifted so far from normal that the microprocessor in the UPS cannot correct it. Normal 9 pin serial connections have TxD on 3 and RxD on 2. You can display different bar graphs by selecting different variables from the drop down menus at the top of each of the three bar graphs. By having the number of records and the size in the first record, the complete status can be reliably reassembled. Some common things you’ll see:.

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This addition will prevent the operating system from interfering with apcupsd.

This isn’t a problem with the normal single character queries, but it really does matter for multi-char apcupxd like ” “. Simply double-click the installer executable and follow the instructions.

How to Use APC UPS with Two or More Computers – Master Slave Setup

Under no circumstances should the UPS be turned off during a run time calibration procedure! When more than 50 events are recorded, apcupsd will truncate the file to the most recent 10 events. Eindows can set and clear: In addition, another major task for this script is to notify you by email when certain events such as powerfail occur.

When the powerout action is invoked by apcupsd, apccontrol will first give control to your script. Once power returns, ussb Smart-UPS will automatically begin to recharge its battery.

This can be convenient for keeping an eye on a room full of UPSes from your desktop. For the serial port DB9F connector, the pin numbers are stamped in the plastic near each pin.


Once the make has completed with no errors, you must su to root to complete the install. BackUPS is that you have incorrectly specified which cable is being used.

If you already have an APC cable, you can determine what kind it is by examining the flat sides of the two connectors where you will find the cable number embossed into the plastic.

apcupsd | A daemon for controlling APC UPSes

You must be absolutely sure you have apcupdd in the right place. New year Smart-UPS models are likely to support it out-of-the-box and firmware updates are available for some older models. These packages should not be used.

After that the UPS should behave normally and power down minutes after requested to do so. All the available configure options can be printed by entering:.

This file contains the configuration settings for the package.

The prescribed time should at least be seconds. In order for this feature to work, you must configure your UPS to deliver traps to the server running apcupsd. After those elements are correct, apcupsd should run, and then it is only a matter of customization of your setup. Check that the configuration report printed at the end of the configure process corresponds to your choice of directories, options, and that it has correctly detected your operating system.

All cables furnished by APC have the cable number stamped on the side of the computer connector end of the cable.


Battery longevity and service life of the UPS may be conserved by reducing the sensitivity of the UPS, iwndows long as your equipment can operate normally under the conditions detailed below.

Users – APCUPSD via USB Cable on Windows 10

To test apcupsd, I unplugged the UPS to simulate a power outage. This document describes the format of that information. However, in two cases, it can be very useful to use syslog to write this information. At a pinch, you could also decrease windwos low battery warning time. In all other respects, the server should be configured in standalone mode.

APCUPSD via USB Cable on Windows 10

This directory also contains a hint file for Linux From Scratch, which could be helpful for other systems as well. You will configure each of these apcupsd’s to use the ‘net’ driver to read UPS status from the proper instance of apcupsd on the UPS server. The final consideration for a automatic reboot after a full power down is to ensure that your computer will automatically reboot when the power is restored. It is important to note that under normal circumstances the user should never need to use these options as they are normally handled by the system automatically once apcupsd is installed.