With that said, the quality of this shaft is found in the material and the design. Golf shafts are perhaps the most misunderstood component of a golf club — at least by the average golfer. Made of a quality graphite material that weighs only 58 grams. There is no need to resubmit your comment. A lot of the time shafts break with that amount of torque. Individuals will love the color design and style. Provides a better arc due to the shot quality.

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The top of the line shaft is the Accuflex Creation Next comes the Assassin 2 shaft, which is simply the standard length version of their World Long Drive shaft.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter: As one of the top questions that are asked, many brands tend to develop water-resistant shafts with some type of exterior coating to ensure that the shaft can withstand the test of time. Now, as we learned this we realized that there is another aspect that affects the swing, which we made the next criterion. The feel is great, the distance is great, and the chrome finish is spectacular. Even if you change one or the other, there is no guarantee it will help you lower your score, as you need to find the right combination of the two.

Think about it — what is the connection between your hands and the head of the golf club? And with these guys, theyre hitting our eighty gram shafts with MPH ball speed and not breaking the shafts and they love that. As the last most frequently asked question on this list. With the best precision design and expert craftsmanship, individuals glof appreciate the impact hit of this shaft alongside the quality stopping power.


Made out of a wood composite material.

In Their Own Words – AccuFlex Golf

Wood shafts tend to be more lightweight, while shafts such as graphite can weigh as much as acfuflex grams. His exposure at certain events allowed him to create relationships with a significant number of PGA Tour players. The Gain When it comes to this quality shaft, individuals can expect to gain twenty to thirty yards in the distance when they swing.

The new creation shaft by AccuFLEX features a unique long “butt” parallel section that tapers quickly in the bottom portion of the shaft. The Nano comes in Regular and Stiff flex. There are only a few brands that run the gamut as being the best when it comes to the golf industry. With weights starting at only 60 grams, this shaft is designed for swing speeds all the way down into the mph range.

Buy AccuFLEX Golf Shafts Online only – Monark Golf

Also, your hands will be able to tell because there will be more of a stinging feeling in your hands, even if you hit the shot fairly pure.

I bought gokf set of Accuflex Assassin Shafts for my irons.

Every aspect of the golf club should be analyzed to help ensure you have the best chance to shoot a low score every time you step on the course. Limited edition golf shaft known as one of the best during the PGA Tour This shaft can be considered one of the heaviest shafts. As another important aspect to take into consideration, we wanted to share different styles of shafts.


Expand to see more The Material Graphite is known as one of the most lightweight materials in the industry. For wood, we discovered it can be the most fragile of all the materials because it can snap or ware and tare easily.

Accuflex Evolution – Golf Shafts – Diamond Tour Golf

It is accuvlex to measure out the cost to value ratio because buying multiple single shafts can be more pricey than buying a set of thirteen or even seven. Only for one particular driver. It is only available in one color. Provides a better arc due to the shot quality.

For the price, we can say individuals will not only appreciate the lightweight durable material, they will also appreciate the design and cool look. With that said, this golf shaft is made with an outstanding kick through design that maximizes impact to ensure the best ball speed.

Comes only in the Stiff Flex Model. This quality shaft is made from one of the best tier companies in volf world that have been known to develop some of the best golf accufex. Cost And Value As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular shaft, we can say that it is one of the best-designed shafts in the industry due to the shaft material.